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Speech Therapy at your fingertips. Be your child's own therapist.


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Does your child stutter while speaking or has unclear speech?

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Does your child not respond to you when you call their name from behind or from another room ?


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How It Works

Show step by step how to get started

Personalized Therapy Plan

Tailored exercises and activities designed specifically for your child's needs, ensuring targeted progress at their own pace.

Regular Assessment

Continuous evaluation to understand your child's strengths and areas needing improvement, guiding their learning journey effectively.

Gamified Learning

Who said learning couldn't be fun? Not us! We turn therapy into games and challenges, so your child feels like having fun while learning.
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Progress Tracking

Want to see how your child is doing? Get real-time updates on their progress, so you can cheer them on and adjust their learning as they grow!

Backed by Science

We've got the research to back it up! Our strategies are rooted in science. Methods that are scientifically backed and recommended by therapists themselves.
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Frequently asked questions answered

What is speech therapy, and how can it help?

Speech therapy is a treatment that aims to improve speech and communication skills, helping individuals overcome speech disorders or difficulties in expressing themselves.

At what age should speech therapy start for children?

Early intervention is crucial. If your child has speech or language delays, doctors recommend starting therapy as early as possible.

Are online speech therapy sessions effective?

Yes, online speech therapy can be highly effective, offering convenience and accessibility while maintaining the quality of interventions.

What types of speech disorders can be treated through therapy?

Speech therapy can address a wide range of disorders, including articulation difficulties, language delays, fluency disorders (stuttering), voice disorders, and speech issues caused by medical conditions or neurological disorders.

Can adults benefit from speech therapy?

Yes, speech therapy can be beneficial for adults as well. It can help with communication difficulties caused by stroke, brain injuries, vocal strain, accent modification, and other speech-related challenges.