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How it goes for you

Initial Assessment

An initial identification of where you need to improve, with an effortless and accurate assessment

The Therapy Plan

Based on the initial assessment, we device the perfect therapy plan for you to achieve the best results

Gamified therapy process

Exercises designed in the form of levels that improves your communication and it feels like you are playing a game

Accurate Feedback

Has a improvement matrix that tells you how you did ,where you need to improve and ways through which you can

That's it ! You just keep on learning and getting more and more confident.


Check out the great features we have

Real Time Feedback

Our AI analyzes your voice input, offering instant and accurate feedback on your pronunciation

Progress Tracker

Track your Journey with all the lessons learned and improvements made, on one screen

Parental Tips

Get Better by employing easy-to-apply pro tips used by professional therapists

Keeps your heads up

Enjoy the journey with the gamified process ,and order gifts to encourage the learner


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Speech therapy is a treatment that aims to improve speech and communication skills, helping individuals overcome speech disorders or difficulties in expressing themselves.

  • Early intervention is crucial; if a child has speech or language delays, starting therapy around 2-3 years old can yield better results.

  • Yes, online speech therapy can be highly effective, offering convenience and accessibility while maintaining the quality of interventions.

  • Speech therapy can address a wide range of disorders, including articulation difficulties, language delays, fluency disorders (stuttering), voice disorders, and speech issues caused by medical conditions or neurological disorders.

  • Yes, speech therapy can be beneficial for adults as well. It can help with communication difficulties caused by stroke, brain injuries, vocal strain, accent modification, and other speech-related challenges.

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